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29 June, 2012

Where is the balance? Environment vs Development

Published: Fri, 29 Jun 2012

In a conference on sustainable forestry held recently, the deputy director-general of the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia, Datuk Nik Mohd Shah, said Malaysia targets to maintain at least 50 per cent forest cover in each state but Selangor – the most developed state in the country – only has 30 per cent forest cover due to rapid development pressure.

“Very often, for the sake of development, and in this case, infrastructural development, trees, especially older and bigger trees, are often removed without much consideration on their functions, especially to the local climate.

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13 June, 2012

Volunteers planting the future

Volunteers are making the world a greener place.


WADING knee-deep through thick mud under a sweltering sun, with your hands covered in muck, probably isn’t a typical way of spending a weekend. There must be some explanation, however, to the rising number of people who are doing just that.

Operating as a mini army of volunteers, these tree planters would car-pool their way to various sites in Selangor and proceed to plant hundreds of tree seedlings in the ground.

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12 June, 2012

Green habits begin at home

Well done: Puasa (fifth from left) participated in the tree-planting exercise.

TEACHING our children to care for the environment will make a difference in the immediate neighbourhood or township they live in.

Petaling Jaya City deputy mayor Puasa Mohd Taib said children were aware of the need to care for trees and forests.

“Parents must guide them on conservation and inculcate habits that will protect the environment.

“Young children with good habits such as saving water while brushing their teeth or turning off the switch when the computer is not in use will grow up loving the environment, thus reducing the carbon footprint,” he said.

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29 May, 2012

Flush away the problem


Big plans are ahead to reduce sewage contamination in Sungai Klang.

EFFLUENT from sewage treatment plants has been singled out as a major river polluter. Just by sheer numbers alone, sewage treatment plants make up 49% (10,025 facilities) of the total number of water pollution sources found in the country.

In comparison, manufacturing industries make up 44.5% (9,069 sources), according to the Environmental Quality Report 2010 by the Department of Environment.

Lake of filth: The Sri Johor flood detention pond in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, not only holds excess water, but plenty of trash, too.

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25 May, 2012

Getting to know your garden birds

Writer: Gan Pei Ling

Peterson often goes birdwatching with her daughter at spots like Bukit Kiara Park, Forest Research Institute Malaysia in Kepong and Kuala Selangor Nature Park.

Apart from sparrows, pigeons and crows, what other urban birds can you recognise? Can you tell the male Asian Koel from the House Crow? (The Asian Koels are parasitic cuckoos that lay their eggs at the crows’ nests and let the crows bring up their young.)

“All birds have their own fascinating stories,” said bird enthusiast Tashia Peterson, 41, during an interview at the Bukit Kiara Park in Taman Tun Dr Ismail.

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15 May, 2012

MY Garden Birdwatch 2012

Celebrate World Environment Day by running a 30-minute survey in your garden, once a year — that’s all it takes for you to contribute to MY Garden Birdwatch.

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23 April, 2012

300 volunteers clean up Templer Park waterfall on Earth Day

Photo Credit: Waterfall Survivors

PETALING JAYA: About 300 people spent their Sunday morning doing their bit for nature in conjunction with Earth Day.

Volunteers from the Save Our Waterfalls cleaned up a 2.5km stretch of Templer’s Park waterfall and picnic areas in Rawang yesterday.

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15 April, 2012

SPOTLIGHT: No more fish to catch in our seas in 35 years?

By A. Shukor Rahman

DEPLETING: Consumers say some types of fish such as ikan serumbu, ikan kurau, ikan ubi and ikan kedera are becoming a rarity in markets, writes A. Shukor Rahman


MALAYSIA may have no more fish by 2048 – a mere 31/2 decades away – if our fishermen continue to utilise illegal and destructive methods to fish.

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29 March, 2012

Maliau Basin and Danum Valley reclassified to Class I (Protected) Forest

RUBEN SARIO and DURIE RAINER FONG at the Sabah State Assembly

Majestic 7 Tier Maliau Falls

TWO of Sabah’s pristine forests – the Maliau Basin and Danum Valley – are to be shielded from encroachment with the creation of “totally protected zones” around them.

The state assembly passed amendments to Sabah’s forestry’s enactment to reclassify certain forests, including those surrounding Maliau Basin and Danum Valley, as first-class reserves yesterday.

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28 March, 2012

Shah Alam Botanical Garden not for sale, says Wong

by Ram Anand

SIGHT TO BEHOLD: A view of the Shah Alam Botanical Garden

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government will not sell part of the Shah Alam Botanical Garden in Bukit Cerakah, according to tourism, consumer affairs and environment executive councillor Elizabeth Wong.

“It was never degazetted as a forest reserve. We can’t sell it. Even if the ministry (of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry) wants to sell it after taking over the garden, they can’t, because it has been gazetted,”she said.

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