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29 June, 2012

Where is the balance? Environment vs Development

Published: Fri, 29 Jun 2012

In a conference on sustainable forestry held recently, the deputy director-general of the Forestry Department of Peninsular Malaysia, Datuk Nik Mohd Shah, said Malaysia targets to maintain at least 50 per cent forest cover in each state but Selangor – the most developed state in the country – only has 30 per cent forest cover due to rapid development pressure.

“Very often, for the sake of development, and in this case, infrastructural development, trees, especially older and bigger trees, are often removed without much consideration on their functions, especially to the local climate.

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13 June, 2012

Selangor’s Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve a Sanctuary for research

Community activity: A UPM forestry staff member explaining about herbal plants to students during an educational visit to the Ayer HItam Forest Reserve.

THE Ayer Hitam Forest Reserve in Puchong is rich in biodiversity and serves as an outdoor research lab for undergraduates specialising in forest research.

StarMetro recently met Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) Forestry Faculty dean Datin Dr Faridah Hanum Ibrahim and several faculty members to find out more about the research facilities housed in the Sultan Idris Shah Forestry Education Centre (Sisfec) located within the forest.

The forest became a topic of debate recently when some hikers were denied entry by security guards stationed at the entrance at Taman Wawasan 5/1.

They have now asked for permission to continue hiking in the forest.

The 1,176ha forest is under the jurisdiction of the Selangor Forestry Department and the Selangor government granted a 80-year lease to UPM in 1996 for education, research and extension in forestry.

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13 June, 2012

Volunteers planting the future

Volunteers are making the world a greener place.


WADING knee-deep through thick mud under a sweltering sun, with your hands covered in muck, probably isn’t a typical way of spending a weekend. There must be some explanation, however, to the rising number of people who are doing just that.

Operating as a mini army of volunteers, these tree planters would car-pool their way to various sites in Selangor and proceed to plant hundreds of tree seedlings in the ground.

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12 June, 2012

Key issues facing Rio+20 By MARTIN KHOR

There will be no major breakthroughs in tackling global crises at Rio+20 but it can still be a success if the leaders can agree to reaffirm old commitments and launch some modest initiatives.

THIS week, up to 100,000 people are streaming into Rio de Janeiro for the year’s biggest international event – the UN Conference on Sustainable Development to be held on June 13-22.

It is more popularly known as the Rio+20 Summit, to commemorate the landmark Earth Summit of 1992, which placed the environmental crisis into the mainstream of political life.

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12 June, 2012

Persistent problems in discussion Rio+20

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SINCE the world’s first big environment conference in 1972, green issues have become woven into the political agenda and into consumer consciousness. But as this snapshot shows, few problems have been resolved and some are worsening fast.

> Ozone protection: The 1987 UN Montreal Protocol outlawed chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) gases that erode Earth’s ozone layer, which protects the planet from cancer-causing solar rays.

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12 June, 2012

Green habits begin at home

Well done: Puasa (fifth from left) participated in the tree-planting exercise.

TEACHING our children to care for the environment will make a difference in the immediate neighbourhood or township they live in.

Petaling Jaya City deputy mayor Puasa Mohd Taib said children were aware of the need to care for trees and forests.

“Parents must guide them on conservation and inculcate habits that will protect the environment.

“Young children with good habits such as saving water while brushing their teeth or turning off the switch when the computer is not in use will grow up loving the environment, thus reducing the carbon footprint,” he said.

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12 June, 2012

Avoid using air-conditioners at home to reduce power usage

I read with interest the story “Green developers to be rewarded” inStarMetro recently. Thank you for championing environment-related issues.

I am glad that the country has a renewable energy policy and a small renewable energy power programme since 2001, although development has been slow. Everyone has a role to play in the pursuit of a sustainable future.

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11 June, 2012

Selangorku @ Rio+20 Earth Summit

Please find enclosed outcome document of the Rio+20 Summit titled “The Future We Want”. You may download the document in all official languages of the United Nations by clicking on their respective links:

For Arabic:

For Chinese:

For English:

For French:

For Russian:

For Spanish:

8 June, 2012

Urban parks connected by bicycle lanes

PETALING JAYA: Damansara Damai’s four Urban Park Forest will be connected via a 60km bicycle lane under PJ City Cycleways Networks which aim  to build dedicated lanes for cyclists around the city.

Dr Tai (right), Ahmad Khalif (centre) and Dr Mohamed Mustafa signing the MoU at Urban Park 2, Damansara Damai, on Tuesday.

“Our planning department is  working on the plans and sorting out the necessary documents. We hope to get it ready by next year,” said Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) deputy mayor Puasa Mohd Taib.

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7 June, 2012

Selangorku Grant Recipients

Sentinels of Time – EcoKnights


Pertubuhan Alam Sekitar EcoKnights Selangor

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