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28 June, 2012

Laporan Aktiviti CETDEM Hari Organik #10

Laporan Aktiviti CETDEM Hari Organik #10 yang telah berlangsung pada Sabtu, 23hb Jun 2012 di SS2 Petaling Jaya.

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15 June, 2012

CETDEM National Organic Agriculture Seminar 2012 – 2-3 July 2012

The CETDEM National Organic Agriculture Seminar 2012 is coming to you in July.

Click on image for front page of brochure

CETDEM is organising the long awaited National Organic Agriculture Seminar 2012 with the title “Fast Forwarding Organic Agriculture in Malaysia” on 2 & 3 July. This Seminar is endorsed by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia.

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15 May, 2012

Balcony Bounty with Krystal Tee on Gardening

In this series that shows how to plant culinary herbs on a hot balcony, home gardener Krystal Tee shows how homeowners can build a simple trellis to let vines provide shade.

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3 May, 2012

Hydroponics – The Future of Farming? – BFM

Food is a daily necessity! But with problems like population growth, climate change and nutritionally-compromised food – there is an increasing need to improve traditional and sustainable farming methods. One of the options is in hydroponics. Kevin A. Mealin and Jamal Affendy talk to us about this relatively novel farming method. 

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2 April, 2012

10 Tips to Shop Smart at Farmers Markets

Think Globally, Act Locally. Nowhere is that 1970’s saying more relevant than with food. Locally grown food are picked at their peak, get to your table fresher and chock full of vitamins and minerals, and don’t waste a lot of the crop and fossil fuels getting from the field to your fork.


Plus farmer’s markets are a great fun gathering place. That’s one reason they’ve been flourishing since the mid-1990s. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, local growers markets swelled from 1,755 to 4,385 between 1994 and 2006. Chances are there’s one in your neck of the woods.

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12 March, 2012

Recycled Seed Pots

Recycled Seed Pot

If you grow a lot, it can be expensive buying all the pots and containers to start them off. Look around the house and you may be surprised how many things you can reuse and recycle in the garden.

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7 March, 2012

TEDxDirigo – Roger Doiron – A Subversive Plot: How to Grow a Revolution in Your Own Backyard

Roger Doiron is founding director of Kitchen Gardeners International, a network of people taking a hands-on approach to re-localizing the global food supply. Doiron is an advocate for new policies, technologies, investments, and fresh thinking about the role of gardens. His successful petition to replant a kitchen garden at the White House attracted broad international recognition. He is also a writer, photographer, and public speaker.

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29 February, 2012

Hari Organik – 24 Mac – CETDEM

CETDEM will be organising their next Hari Organik in SS2, Petaling Jaya on 24th March 2012 from 8.30am-2.00pm.

With the blessings of nature, we hope to take part in the events by bringing down fresh fruits and vegetable from the farm.

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14 February, 2012

Pengkomposan Sisa Pepejal Organik

Kaedah ini tidak dapat menyelesaikan sepenuhnya masalah sisa buangan pepejal tetapi ia mampu mengalihkan sejumlah sisa buangan terutama sisa organik dari tempat pelupusan sampah dan dengan itu mengurangkan masalah sisa organik.

Bahan organik pepejal yang menjadi bahan paling banyak dibuang boleh digunakan sebagai substrat kepada beberapa makro dan mikro-organisma untuk ditukarkan kepada baja organik yang boleh diguna-kan oleh tumbuhan sebagai nutrien dan meningkatkan kesuburan tanah. Dalam hal ini, sisa buangan yang terdiri daripada sampah sarap organik merupakan sumber makanan kepada bakteria, kulat, aktino-miset, serangga dan cacing tanah yang bersama-sama mengambil bahagian dalam pengkomposan bahan-bahan organik.

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13 January, 2012

How to Make Your Own Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products (with recipes)

house cleaning

Around the holidays, it can feel like a constant battle to keep your house clean. Whether it’s nieces and nephews or grandchildren adding to the raucous of an already hectic home, it feels like “Dinner’s ready!” is almost inevitably followed by “Tommy spilled his drink on the floor!”

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