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3 May, 2012

MBPJ cycling programme aims to encourage exercise

Inspired: MBPJ public relations officer Zainun Zakaria (right) cycling with fellow staff to get ideas for a dedicated cycling lane.

ABOUT 150 employees of the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) have come forward to kick off a programme intended to promote outdoor exercise by creating a bicycle route for regular cycling activities.

Programme coordinator Azizah Kosni said the council was encouraging its 1,500 employees to join the programme.

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21 April, 2012

Public Forum: “Perubahan Iklim-Kaitannya dengan PBT & Komuniti”

Perubahan Iklim merupakan cabaran paling sengit yang dihadapi oleh Dunia, Negara, Bandar dan komuniti pada masa kini. Impak perubahan iklim tidak terhad kepada tempatan saja namun seluruh warga Dunia akan menghadapi cabaran dan ancamannya yang sama, samada sekarang ataupun pada masa akan kelak. Perubahan Iklim telah melihatkan kenaikan haba dunia, peningkatan paras air laut, kehilangan warisan semulajadi dan sejarah dan lain yang mengubah gaya hidup dan kualiti persekitaran petempatan. Apakah perubahan iklim ini dan impak susulan akan menjejaskan perbandaran di Malaysia terutamanya wilayah Lembah Klang? Adakah kita memahami dan menyedari bahawa perubahan telah dan akan terus berlaku menjejaskan komuniti kita? Bagi menghadapi cabaran tersebut, apakah yang boleh PBT mahupun komuniti lakukan?

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9 April, 2012

Working together to save PJ’s lake


Good job: (Seated, from right) Roslan, Cynthia and Dr Chitra having a closer look at the Taman Jaya lake.

THE Taman Jaya and Taman Bandaran lakes are undergoing several treatment procedures to ensure that visitors can enjoy odour-free visits soon.

The Petaling Jaya City Council, through a special task force called the MBPJ Lake Treatment System Committee, has been treating both lakes since January following complaints.

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6 April, 2012

PJ council starts programme to light up backlane of houses

By Vincent Tan

HOUSE owners can start applying for their backlanes to be lit up to enhance safety and prevent crime, said Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Roslan Sakiman.About RM100,000 has been allocated for the programme which was launched by the mayor on April 3.

Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) will bear the cost of wiring as well as the LED lights. The house owner will have bear the monthly electricity bill as well as replacement cost should the LED lighting be damaged.

MBPJ councillor and Green City of Petaling Jaya Task Force chairman Khairul Anuar Zainudin said the wiring and LED lights would cost about RM300 per house.

It’s official: Roslan turns on a light to symbolises the launch of the Bandar Selamat campaign.

“With the allocation, we can do the wiring for 300 to 400 houses,” he said.

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6 April, 2012

New projects, homes to get LED bulbs


new projects

Councillors with mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman (fourth from left) at the launch of the programme to install energy-saving bulbs at the back portion of 400 houses.

GOING GREEN: The Petaling Jaya City Council will provide the bulbs for free in a bid to create a sustainable city, combat crime and cut electricity cost

ALL new developments in the city must be installed with energy-saving bulbs said mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman.

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5 April, 2012

Selangor Cycling Association praises MBPJ

Association: Network a bold step forward

SELANGOR Cycling Association secretary Amrun Misnoh said the PJ City Cycle Ways Network was a bold step forward to create a new standard of living where urban folks get to use an alternative transport to move around the City.

“The Petaling Jaya City Council’s bold move to propose 56kms of biking network throughout PJ is commendable. One of the main approaches is to have consultation with residents, cycling clubs and even shops that sell bicycles. We need ideas, only then can we refine the Cycle Ways project,” he said.

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5 April, 2012

Commitment for PJ City Cycleways Network by MBPJ

IN AN effort to be dubbed as “a true cycling city,” the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is coming up with a proposal to build inner and outer dedicated bicycle lanes.

The commitment for PJ City Cycleways Network comes in its 2012 review of the city’s transport strategy that hinges on the Special Area Plan and the Local Agenda 21.

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2 April, 2012

Earth Week Celebrations (April 15-22) at University Malaya.

Join EcoKnights, along with other organizations, such as the Borneo Sun Bear Conservation Centre and UM Cares, in April from the 15th-22nd for a week long of educational and informative programmes.

The UM Earth Week celebration aims to address urgent environmental issues among University Malaya students and at the same time provide some fun and exciting activities for students to be part of on and off campus. An eco run, an electric bicycle demonstration, and even organic farming workshop are just some of the exciting activities planned for this week long celebration.

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29 March, 2012

Laporan Aktiviti CETDEM Hari Organik Mac 2012

Hari Organik #9 telah berlangsung pada Sabtu, 24hb Mac 2012 di SS2 Petaling Jaya.

CETDEM Hari Organik merupakan gabungan konsep Pasar Organik dengan program Ceramah, Demonstrasi dan aktiviti riang-ria untuk pelbagai lapisan masyarakat. Hari Organik bertujuan untuk mempelawa masyarakat umum untuk mengetahui serta menghayati cara hidup lestari yang sihat dan organik (Sustainable Healthy and Organik Lifestyle).

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14 March, 2012

The fight to Save “Top” Hill (Bukit Gasing) 10th Oct. 2010

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