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3 November, 2012

Greening Your School : Recycling

Recycling means more than just sorting your waste – green building takes this a step further by recycling building materials and reducing the amount of waste to landfill.

Quick wins

  • Start a compost or worm farm. Fruit and vegetable scraps, garden clippings and leaves make up nearly 40% of household waste. A school compost or worm farm can recycle green waste and create a natural fertiliser. Draw up a school roster and ask each class to take it in turns to collect organic scraps from the schoolyard – which will keep your school looking clean and green!
  • Set a target to save trees. It takes 17 trees to make one tonne of paper. Encourage children using both sides of paper, use scrap paper for artwork and put their unwanted paper in the recycling bin. Audit your students’ paper consumption and set a target to save trees.
  • Say no to plastic. Australians use over 10 million plastic bags each day. Make your school a plastic bag free zone. And while you’re at it, ask parents to avoid using plastic wrap in school lunches. Sandwiches can go straight into school lunch boxes and old-fashioned brown paper bags can be recycled.
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28 June, 2012

Laporan Aktiviti CETDEM Hari Organik #10

Laporan Aktiviti CETDEM Hari Organik #10 yang telah berlangsung pada Sabtu, 23hb Jun 2012 di SS2 Petaling Jaya.

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30 May, 2012

PILOT PROJECT: The bins called 3R Boxes, run on 50 watts of solar power

WITHIN the next six months, city  folk will see new solar-powered recycling bins in the city. Known as the 3R Box, the bins will also act as an advertising tool to promote recycling. It will be placed in public places such as busy walkways.

This is to encourage the public to help reduce, reuse and recycle.

The pilot project in the city was launched by mayor Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman at the Petaling Jaya City Council. Also present was Selangor executive council member Elizabeth Wong.

The public can throw recyclable items such as paper, aluminium cans, batteries and plastic bottles into the box which has four compartments for the items.

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29 May, 2012

Kotak 3R Ceriakan Kempen Kitar Semula Petaling Jaya


PETALING JAYA, 29 MEI : Kempen kitar semula oleh Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) lebih menarik perhatian kali ini dengan kotak 3R tenaga solar baru.

Bukan sahaja rupanya yang mencuri perhatian, kotak tersebut boleh ditaja oleh syarikat-syarikat swasta untuk menjadi papan iklan sekaligus menjadikannya satu bahan untuk program tanggungjawab sosial korporat (CSR).

Datuk Bandar Petaling Jaya, Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman berkata diharapkan kotak 3R ini akan memberi lebih peluang kepada warga Petaling Jaya untuk mempratikan budaya kitar semula dengan betul.

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15 May, 2012

Balcony Bounty with Krystal Tee on Gardening

In this series that shows how to plant culinary herbs on a hot balcony, home gardener Krystal Tee shows how homeowners can build a simple trellis to let vines provide shade.

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11 May, 2012

Didrik Solli-Tangen in We Can Do More (w/English subs)

Didrik Solli-Tangen in We Can Do More (w/English subs)
Promo video for recycling and environmental thinking, with Didrik as the educator:)
Produced by Gjenvinning.

10 May, 2012

The green thing I do

I always water the plants, and I don’t frequently use air conditioning since it releases harmful gases. I also recycle paper.
-Norman John,12, PerakThe greenest thing I‘ve done was for a competition during the recycling day at my school when I was 10 years old. I made a Petronas Twin Tower using plastic bottles and aluminium cans. I won second place.
-Dheepan Perisamy, 16, Kuala Lumpur

Hmm…I guess this can be considered green. I got bored of my long denim jeans so I cut it into shorts and used the remaining bits as material for a bag I made myself. And I‘m still using it now!
-Alicia Foo, 16, Malacca

When trekking through the National Park in Pahang, I donated my remaining pocket money to the Adopt-A-Fish programme at the Ikan Kelah Sanctuary, which was established to protect the endangered gold-finned river fish.
-Goh Ni Kol, 16, Kuala Lumpur

I help my dad make our own compost. We really enjoy doing it. From piling up our vegetable and fruit peelings in our aired container to maintaining its moisture levels to finally using the black and powdery product for our vegetable and flower garden. The long process gets the two of us feeling somewhat content.
-Thulsimalar Shunmugathason,17, Malacca

I always sort the paper to give to the recycling lorry that goes around with ‘Sau Gao Pou Chi’.  I use both sides of the paper. I do not leave the tap on when brushing my teeth. I do not use the air-conditioner at night when it‘s chilly, and the list goes on. I hope these little actions will conserve and preserve our environment!
-Eer Kai Song, 16, Selangor

I cut down on my consumption of beef.The production of one kg of beef releases the equivalent of 36.4 kg of carbon, not counting the other harmful gases.
-Alicia Loh, 15, Selangor

When moved to a new house a few years ago, my mother and I realised that there were no trees around the neighbourhood. My siblings, my parents and I planted trees throughout the area. Now there are banana trees, papaya trees and even chilli plants in our neighbourhood.

-Patricia Anne Naikar-Roges,17, Kuala Lumpur

To tell the truth, the greenest thing I have ever done is just watering the plants and trees in my house garden!
-Ruth Kezia Hope Muthu,15, Negri Sembilan

I use rechargeable batteries and recycling newspapers.
-Bhavina Kaur,14, Kuala Lumpur

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7 May, 2012

Wesak Day green initiative by TrEES


All systems go: (from left) Buddhist Maha Vihara president Leslie Tilak, Lim and Leela getting ready to collect rubbish to be recycled at this year’s Wesak celebrations in Buddhist Maha Vihara in Brickfields.

EVERY year, thousands of devotees visit the Buddhist Maha Vihara to celebrate Wesak Day but at the end of the day they leave the usual mess of used paper cups, plastic bottles, candles, flowers and food waste strewn all over the temple grounds.

Last year, the temple’s Dhamma-duta Development Youth (D2Y) group came up with an environmentally-friendly solution to the problem together with non-governmental organisation, Treat Every Environ-ment Special (TrEES).

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4 May, 2012

Pelancaran Pusat Kitar Semula di Kg Dato Lee Kim Sai, Rawang

Pusat Khidmat ADUN Rawang YB Gan Pei Nei bersama JKKK Dato Lee Kim Sai telah mengadakan aktiviti “Perlindungan Alam Sekitar. Hijaukan Rawang” sempena sambutan Hari Bumi Sedunia pada 22 April 2012.   Disamping itu, satu majlis penyerahan Tong Kitar Semula dan pelancaran Pusat kitar semula juga diadakan.

Program ini mendapat sambutan hebat dan disertai lebih kurang 80 orang. Penyertaan ibubapa serta anak-anak telah memberi  peluang kepada mereka berinteraksi dan berkerjasama dalam usaha pemeliharaan dan pemuliharaan alam sekitar.

Sambutan meriah daripada ibubapa dan kanak-kanak

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3 May, 2012

Village gets new recycling centre

RAWANG: A new recycling centre was opened at Kampung Datuk Lee Kim Sai last Sunday in a bid to encourage villagers to recycle for the sake of the environment.

Gan (centre, behind orange bin) together with parents and children from Kampung Datuk Lee Kim Sin at the launch of the recycling centre.

The centre was launched by Rawang assemblyperson Gan Pei Nei during the “Perlindungan Alam Sekitar. Hijaukan Rawang” event held in conjunction with Earth Day 2012.

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