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23 April, 2012

300 volunteers clean up Templer Park waterfall on Earth Day

Photo Credit: Waterfall Survivors

PETALING JAYA: About 300 people spent their Sunday morning doing their bit for nature in conjunction with Earth Day.

Volunteers from the Save Our Waterfalls cleaned up a 2.5km stretch of Templer’s Park waterfall and picnic areas in Rawang yesterday.

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13 April, 2012

Photo of Yat Yuen Eddie Lim

Dear Tan Sri, I am concerned about the encroachment of development closer and closer to the klang gate valley quartz ridge as shown in the picture from 2005 till today. This place is unique and a place for many nature lovers, hikers, photographers as well as an important heritage to be conserved and protected. I hope Tan Sri can investigate this matter and prevent any further development near to the klang gate valley quartz ridge.

Comment from Yat Yuen Eddie Lim

5 April, 2012

Commitment for PJ City Cycleways Network by MBPJ

IN AN effort to be dubbed as “a true cycling city,” the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) is coming up with a proposal to build inner and outer dedicated bicycle lanes.

The commitment for PJ City Cycleways Network comes in its 2012 review of the city’s transport strategy that hinges on the Special Area Plan and the Local Agenda 21.

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29 March, 2012

Maliau Basin and Danum Valley reclassified to Class I (Protected) Forest

RUBEN SARIO and DURIE RAINER FONG at the Sabah State Assembly

Majestic 7 Tier Maliau Falls

TWO of Sabah’s pristine forests – the Maliau Basin and Danum Valley – are to be shielded from encroachment with the creation of “totally protected zones” around them.

The state assembly passed amendments to Sabah’s forestry’s enactment to reclassify certain forests, including those surrounding Maliau Basin and Danum Valley, as first-class reserves yesterday.

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28 March, 2012

Shah Alam Botanical Garden not for sale, says Wong

by Ram Anand

SIGHT TO BEHOLD: A view of the Shah Alam Botanical Garden

SHAH ALAM: The Selangor government will not sell part of the Shah Alam Botanical Garden in Bukit Cerakah, according to tourism, consumer affairs and environment executive councillor Elizabeth Wong.

“It was never degazetted as a forest reserve. We can’t sell it. Even if the ministry (of Agriculture and Agro-Based Industry) wants to sell it after taking over the garden, they can’t, because it has been gazetted,”she said.

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27 March, 2012

Permatang Kuarza Genting Klang Dijadikan Tapak Warisan Dunia

SHAH ALAM, 26 MAC: Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri Selangor bersetuju untuk menubuhkan satu jawatankuasa kerja peringkat negeri untuk mengkaji Permatang Kuarza Genting Klang (PKGK) sebagai Tapak Warisan Negara dan Dunia.

Menurut kenyataan media Exco Pelancongan, Hal Ehwal Pengguna dan Alam Sekitar, Elizabeth Wong hari ini Kerajaan Selangor telah meluluskan penubuhan sebuah Jawatankuasa Kerja Peringkat Negeri pada 14 Disember 2011.

“Jawatankuasa ini bertujuan untuk mengkaji Permatang Kuarza Genting Klang (PKGK) sebagai Tapak Warisan Negara dan Dunia,” demikian menurut kenyataan media

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27 March, 2012

Tiada Lagi Kecurian Kayu Bakau Di Rekodkan

SHAH ALAM, 27 MAC : Jabatan Perhutanan Selangor (JPS) mengambil beberapa langkah yang proaktif bagi menangani masalah kecurian kayu bakau setelah lesen pengusahasilan kayu bakau ini ditamatkan pada 1 Julai 2010.

JPS merekodkan sehingga 29 Februari 2012 tiada sebarang kecurian kayu bakau dalam kawasan Hutan Simpan Pulau Ketam dengan tertangkapnya seorang warganegara Malaysia yang menjadi ketua sindiket di Pulau Ketam pada tahun 5 Mei 2010.

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23 March, 2012

Selangor supportive in setting up environmental court

Published: Fri, 23 Mar 2012

YB Elizabeth Wong (fourth from right)

SHAH ALAM: State executive councillor Elizabeth Wong said Selangor welcomes the idea that specialised environmental courts may soon be introduced in the country.

“The state is in support of an environmental court in its bid to bring to trial and convict polluters in Selangor,” Wong (Bukit Lanjan-PKR), who holds the environmental portfolio, told the state assembly on Tuesday.

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21 March, 2012

Eco fines net Selangor RM1.1m

March 20, 2012

SHAH ALAM, March 20 — Selangor pocketed RM1.12 million in fines from 194 prosecutions of environmental offences last year, state executive councillor Elizabeth Wong was reported as saying by Bernama Online today.

Wong, who holds the state tourism, consumer affairs and environment portfolio, revealed that of the cases prosecuted, 118 were for air pollution, 28 pertained to water pollution, while open burning and scheduled waste disposals contributed 13 and seven incidents, respectively.

But she added not all the cases were pursued to the end.

“Several cases could not proceed due to lack of evidence and incomplete chemical analysis,” Wong said in today’s session of the state assembly.

She also revealed that a number of cases had been summarily dismissed by the Attorney-General’s Chambers, for which she said no reasons were given.

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19 March, 2012

Sultan memuji kerja pemuliharaan Hutan Simpan Raja Musa

Sultan Puji Dasar Kerajaan Negeri

SHAH ALAM 19 MAC: Sultan Sharafudin Idris Shah memuji usaha-usaha Kerajaan Negeri dalam memelihara alam sekitar dan memupuk budaya kebersihan di semua daerah di seluruh negeri.

“Kegigihan Kerajaan negeri dalam kerja pemuliharaan Hutan Simpan Raja Musa, pemuliharaan habitat kelip-kelip di Tanjung Beluntas Kuala Selangor dan menjadikan Taman Tasik Shah Alam sebagai zon bersih adalah antara usaha-usaha yang wajar menerima pujian dari semua pihak.

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