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2 February, 2016

What is E-Waste?

What is e-Waste?

The term e-Waste or Waste of Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE) covers all types of Electrical & Electronic Equipment (EEE) that have been discarded.

Mobile e-Waste specifically refers to any waste generated from SIM-based devices such as feature phones, smartphones, tablets & phablets along with chargers & accessories.

Mobile devices have to be properly disposed when they are no longer in use. The materials are not biodegradable & contain hazardous components that could harm your health & pollute the environment.

Through proper recycling process, over 90% of the materials used in mobile devices & accessories can be recovered.

Extended Producer Responsibility

In addressing the e-waste issues, Malaysia will introduce the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programme. EPR is a product and waste management system of which manufacturers are responsible for the environmentally safe management of their products (take-back, recycling and final disposal) when they are no longer useful or discarded.

In order to complement the EPR initiatives in Malaysia, MCMC as the regulator for the communication and multimedia industry has initiated an industry joint recycling programme on discarded mobile devices. Mobile e-Waste: Old Phone, New life is MCMC’s response to the Resolution 79 adopted in World Telecommunication Standardization Assembly (WTSA 12) in November 2012. Resolution 79 invites its Member States to take all necessary measures to handle and control e-waste in order to mitigate the hazards which arise from used telecommunication/ICT equipment.

Source from Resolution 79 WTSA12

Where Can I Find the Mobile e-Waste Collection Box?
The List of Participating Outlets in Mobile e-Waste: Old Phone, New Life:

What Can We Discard in the
Mobile e-Waste Collection Box?

  • Unused mobile devices – Whether it’s an old brickphone, outdated smartphone, media player or tablets.
  • Unused batteries – Bring in your old or spare batteries that are no longer in use. Conventional batteries such as AA and AAA are not acceptable.
  • Unused accessories – Chargers, earbuds, external storage cards and cables are acceptable.


28 June, 2012

Laporan Aktiviti CETDEM Hari Organik #10

Laporan Aktiviti CETDEM Hari Organik #10 yang telah berlangsung pada Sabtu, 23hb Jun 2012 di SS2 Petaling Jaya.

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15 June, 2012

CETDEM National Organic Agriculture Seminar 2012 – 2-3 July 2012

The CETDEM National Organic Agriculture Seminar 2012 is coming to you in July.

Click on image for front page of brochure

CETDEM is organising the long awaited National Organic Agriculture Seminar 2012 with the title “Fast Forwarding Organic Agriculture in Malaysia” on 2 & 3 July. This Seminar is endorsed by the Department of Agriculture Malaysia.

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13 June, 2012

Volunteers planting the future

Volunteers are making the world a greener place.


WADING knee-deep through thick mud under a sweltering sun, with your hands covered in muck, probably isn’t a typical way of spending a weekend. There must be some explanation, however, to the rising number of people who are doing just that.

Operating as a mini army of volunteers, these tree planters would car-pool their way to various sites in Selangor and proceed to plant hundreds of tree seedlings in the ground.

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8 June, 2012

Groups get state grants for green programmes

Writer: Gan Pei Ling

(From left) Yasmin, Salbiah, Wan Azizah, Anthony Tan from Cetdem, Wong, Lee, Yong, Lim and Wong Pui May from MYCAT at the cheque presentation.

PETALING JAYA: A research firm, a village committee and three green groups received grants totalling RM250,600 from Selangorku Grant recently to carry out environmental projects.

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7 June, 2012

Selangorku Grant Recipients

Sentinels of Time – EcoKnights


Pertubuhan Alam Sekitar EcoKnights Selangor

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7 June, 2012

Selangorku grants available for environmental projects

The Selangor state government yesterday handed Selangorku grants to some successful applicants at a short ceremony held in Armada Hotel, Petaling Jaya.

The event was graced with the presence of Selangor state exco memberElizabeth Wong and PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail.

The RM300 million allocation for the grants is a result of savings from the restructuring of Talam debts as well as better management of land based on the concept of development at market price. Both of these initiatives combined saw the state government saving more than RM600 million.

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4 June, 2012

Selangorku Sentinels of Time – Photography Competition on Selangor’s Majestic Trees

A digital photography competition to capture images of majestic trees in the state of Selangor. Submission dateline for all digital entries is 30 AUGUST 2012

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29 May, 2012

Kotak 3R Ceriakan Kempen Kitar Semula Petaling Jaya


PETALING JAYA, 29 MEI : Kempen kitar semula oleh Majlis Bandaraya Petaling Jaya (MBPJ) lebih menarik perhatian kali ini dengan kotak 3R tenaga solar baru.

Bukan sahaja rupanya yang mencuri perhatian, kotak tersebut boleh ditaja oleh syarikat-syarikat swasta untuk menjadi papan iklan sekaligus menjadikannya satu bahan untuk program tanggungjawab sosial korporat (CSR).

Datuk Bandar Petaling Jaya, Datuk Mohamad Roslan Sakiman berkata diharapkan kotak 3R ini akan memberi lebih peluang kepada warga Petaling Jaya untuk mempratikan budaya kitar semula dengan betul.

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29 May, 2012

Flush away the problem


Big plans are ahead to reduce sewage contamination in Sungai Klang.

EFFLUENT from sewage treatment plants has been singled out as a major river polluter. Just by sheer numbers alone, sewage treatment plants make up 49% (10,025 facilities) of the total number of water pollution sources found in the country.

In comparison, manufacturing industries make up 44.5% (9,069 sources), according to the Environmental Quality Report 2010 by the Department of Environment.

Lake of filth: The Sri Johor flood detention pond in Bandar Tasik Permaisuri in Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, not only holds excess water, but plenty of trash, too.

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