Communities needed to care for parks

I REFER to the letter in StarMetro titled “Don’t let our parks die.”

We welcome feedback and views from the public that help bring good to communities.

In response, we wish to inform that the Kelab Sahabat Taman Aman ( Friends of Taman Aman) was registered with the Registrar of Society in July last year.

It was realised that if it is left to individuals to undertake continuing improvement of the park, little will be done.

In forming the club, the representatives held discussions both private and public to highlight the problems faced at Taman Aman, through various forums organised by groups concerned about maintaining lakes for a green environment.

The Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) organised a conference last year in Putrajaya where much was learned from experts in regards to how to tackle the problems.

The result of the conference was recommendation and reports forwarded to MBPJ for their follow up.

While we understand that not all the recommendations can be implemented immediately, there is great value within those sessions that have to be taken seriously.

More importantly, we hope the task force formed at the conference empowering strategic partnership between MBPJ and various NGOs will benefit our communities.

We acknowledge that government agencies are the main decision makers regarding the park, it is also crucial to obtain the support of the people by letting them have a say or influence the outcome of any project undertaken by the Government.

In this respect, the inaugural general meeting of Friends of Taman Aman was held at the end of April.

The local community needs to have trust and confidence that the club will benefit them.

We need to join hands and work together for the benefit of everyone.

G. Rajendran
Pro Term chairman
Kelab Sahabat Taman Aman


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