Working together to save PJ’s lake


Good job: (Seated, from right) Roslan, Cynthia and Dr Chitra having a closer look at the Taman Jaya lake.

THE Taman Jaya and Taman Bandaran lakes are undergoing several treatment procedures to ensure that visitors can enjoy odour-free visits soon.

The Petaling Jaya City Council, through a special task force called the MBPJ Lake Treatment System Committee, has been treating both lakes since January following complaints.

The Taman Jaya lake is part of a 7.3ha water retention pond that receives water from residential and commercial areas as well as surface runoff from neighbouring locations.

Due to the various pollutants coming from the different sources, the quality of the lake water is low and it emits a stench, much to the dismay of visitors and nearby residents.

“We received five complaints last year and decided to set up the taskforce. We have implemented several measures and held a meeting to come up with ideas to solve the problem,” Petaling Jaya mayor Datuk Mohammad Roslan Sakiman said.

A number of strategic lake treatment rehabilitation programmes have been planned, including identifying and monitoring the source of the pollutants.

Garbage traps have also been installed at the inlets to the pond to ensure waste from restaurants, businesses and houses cannot be washed into the pond.

Roslan was speaking after a visit to the Taman Jaya Lake on Thursday. Also present were MBPJ councillor Cynthia Gabriel, who is also the chairman of the committee and MBPJ Health and Environment Department director Dr Chitra Davi N. Vadivellu.

When asked if they had managed to identify the source of garbage and oil pollution, Roslan said the council had issued three summonses since January to the owners of premises that did not maintain their grease traps.

“We have also installed aerators to ensure there is enough air circulating in the waters. We will monitor and maintain the aerators to ensure they are in working condition,” he said.

The council has also appointed contractors experienced in microbiological treatments to increase the water quality.

The Effective Microorganism treatment dissolves pollutants naturally by breaking the molecular bonds.

The water level at the lake is now Class Three from the previous Class Four.

The cost of treatment in Taman Jaya is RM173,800 per year while Tasik Taman Bandaran costs RM194,800 for the four interconnecting small lakes.

Roslan said if successful, they would implement the same methods at other lakes beginning with Taman Aman.

He, however, urged the people to be more aware of the garbage and oil residue they might be letting out into the drains.

He said everyone had a responsibility to ensure the cleanliness of the lake.

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