Selangor Cycling Association praises MBPJ

Association: Network a bold step forward

SELANGOR Cycling Association secretary Amrun Misnoh said the PJ City Cycle Ways Network was a bold step forward to create a new standard of living where urban folks get to use an alternative transport to move around the City.

“The Petaling Jaya City Council’s bold move to propose 56kms of biking network throughout PJ is commendable. One of the main approaches is to have consultation with residents, cycling clubs and even shops that sell bicycles. We need ideas, only then can we refine the Cycle Ways project,” he said.

Amrun, 49, who was among the many consulted on the project, said the city plans to build the Cycle Ways in five phases that would stretch over a period of five years beginning 2012.

“In discussions with MBPJ, I was made to understand that Phase 1 will be a pilot project where the lanes will be built in Damansara Damai Urban Park and Taman Jaya and these lanes will be completed next year. Weekly cycling tours will be organised on Saturdays in Jalan Yong Shook Lin where the road will be closed to traffic from 7.30am to 10.30am to facilitate cycling activities,” he said.

He added that under Phase 2, the bicycle routes would be built in Kota Damansara Community Forest, Phase 3, Bukit Gasing Green Belt Cycle Ways, PJS 10 Public Park Cycle Ways while Phase 4 would see the lanes built along residential areas from older to newer PJ and Phase 5 would cover the SS areas and PJU.

“Based on the proposed plans, MBPJ is linking up all the green recreational areas and have the bicycle lanes run adjacent to the main roads. We have suggested to the council to include relevant parties to be invited to give their view,” he said.

Amrun said he was optimistic that the project would take off as the public stood to benefit from the project.

“It would bring about a reduction in pollution, traffic congestion, a wider access for disabled people, improved health, reduction in carbon footprint and an increase in tourist and economic activities,” he added.

He said once completed, a significant number of users would use the bicycle lanes to go to work, school, shops and other places including government offices.

“The majority of the cyclists will be local but it will attract domestic tourists from neighbouring districts,” he said.

MBPJ public relations officer Zainun Zakaria said residents or cycling clubs wanting to give constructive feedback on the Cycle Ways project can e-mail to 

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