Help reduce household waste – Bulbir Singh

I REFER to “A drain on our resources” (The Star, March 26). Why do we disregard our environment so much? It is bad the way we discard our rubbish.

We have to improve things and stop being so insensitive to Mother Nature.

Rubbish disrupts the smooth water flow thus causing floods, and it is a sheer waste of money cleaning up the rivers.

We must end this bad habit of throwing rubbish in drains and rivers.

We can reduce the amount of waste we create by choosing what rubbish we throw away.

This can be easy and fun – just follow our simple guidelines to reduce your waste at home, school or work.

Waste reduction starts at the supermarket. By making slight alterations to your shopping list you can significantly reduce the amount of waste created in and around the home.

You can do the following:

> Buy only what you need. Items that are rarely used can be borrowed or shared with others;

> Buy products that can be reused;

> Buy bottles instead of cans and rechargeable batteries. These items create very little waste, as they can be recycled;

> Buy all-purpose household cleaners instead of many different ones for each cleaning job;

> Buy products with little packaging so less to throw in your rubbish bin. For those items you use regularly, buy in bulk. This will save you money as well as reduce waste;

> Sell or give away unwanted items to family, friends or neighbours. You can even sell your possessions at a car-boot sale and earn some extra cash; and

> Reduce paper waste by cancelling unwanted mail. You can unsubscribe to many national mailing lists by contacting the Direct Marketing Association.


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