SHAH ALAM river & trees FOR LIFE March 2012

Dear Green lovers,


Subj: Tree planting event on 25th Mar 2012 at Sg Damansara, Section 13, Shah Alam

On behalf of Dato Bandar of Shah Alam and the Organising Committee, I would like to give a heartfelt thanks to all Volunteers who turned up for the Tree Planting event on 26th Feb 2012 at Sg Renggam, Section 15, Shah Alam. Approximately 300 volunteers, who braved the changing weather conditions, enabled us to put another 1500 plants in the ground along Sg Renggam. The results of their efforts are inspiring.

Planting trees are a wonderful way to commemorate special events. 26th Feb Tree Planting event was to commemorate ‘WORLD WETLANDS DAY’. Trees provide a host of benefits whether they are planted in your backyard or across the globe. Trees can, like sponges, help sequester carbon and thereby reduce the impact of man-made CO2 emissions. Locally, trees provide habitat for wildlife, food for people and animals, and stabilize the soil. Once again, thank you for volunteering to plant trees on 26th Feb and making a positive contribution to our environment.

We are pleased to announce that a Tree planting event to commemorate the ‘WORLD FORESTRY DAY’ is scheduled for the 5th Mar 2012 at Sg Damansara, Section 13, Shah Alam. Please come along with your family members, friends and colleagues to make this event a success. Location map and the day’s program are attached for your reference. Please confirm your participation with the name list of volunteers by the 22nd Mar 2012.

Best regards.

SHAH ALAM river & trees FOR LIFE
012 2524516


2 Comments to “SHAH ALAM river & trees FOR LIFE March 2012”

  1. great effort , how can i join as a volunteer?

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