Selangorku Environmental Conservation Grant

The Selangor State Government is making available funds for environmental conservation in order to safeguard the long-term environmental integrity of the state as well as protect ecological sites of conservation interest.

As Malaysia’s most industrialised state, it is particularly important for Selangor to conserve, manage, and strengthen its ecological resources in order to ensure continued enjoyment of ecological services for generations to come. Strengthening the integrity of our state’s ecology is a vital component of sustainable development.

Grant Guidelines

The Selangorku Grant is available for projects to public engagement, conserve & rehabilitate the environment in the Programme Areas below.

  • The maximum funding allocation for each application is RM200,000.00
  • The programmes must be completed in year 2012 within Selangor.
  • Public engagement will be a key determination factor in consideration for funding.

Programme Areas

  • Forest
  • River
  • Recycling
  • Climate Change

Application Process

To apply for a grant from the Selangor State Environmental Conservation Grant, interested organisations should send a two- to three-page concept paper to The paper should include the following:

  • A brief description of the project goals and planned activities;
  • Information about the applicant organisation and project partners;
  • An estimated overall budget and timeframe of the project.

The Grant Secretariat will aim to respond to concept papers within one month of receipt. Selected applicants will be invited to submit a full proposal for consideration.

The ‘Selangorku’ logo and name, needs to be shown in all material corresponding to the grant.  This includes programs, educational material, and posters.  Banners indicating support by the ‘Selangorku Grant’ needs to be displayed at all events.

*For non-environment related program proposals, please address to “YAB Dato Menteri Besar, 21st Floor, Bangunan SSAAS, 40000 Shah Alam”

Selangorku Grant on BFM Radio with YB Elizabeth Wong

18-May-12 16:35

The Selangor government has introduced a 300 million grant to be allocated to nation-building programmes. Have Malaysians been responsive to this? How important are civil society movementsin our growth as a nation? We talk to Y.B Elizabeth Wong about the Selangorku grant and the importance behind the causes it supports.

Duration: 26m 09s   Filesize: 7.53 Mb

More info on Selangorku Grant


11 Responses to “Selangorku Environmental Conservation Grant”

  1. Giving grants or enviromental conservation is a great move. However, on the other hand, the approval of KLORR is the direct opposite of this noble approach. The Klang Gates Dam area is a very sensitive ecological area that should be protected at all cost. And that includes “ZERO” development no matter what the reason. It is a critical source of fresh water.

    • Mr George, thank you for your support on the grant. The approval for the KLORR is not final, pending acceptance of EIA by Dept of Environment of Putrajaya. This Federal initiated and funded highway was under PM’s office. We agree with you that Klang Gates Dam is a important water catchment area and an environment sensitive area. We really appreciate to have concern citizens like your good self. Thank you.

      • Dear Sirs, Thanks for the reply. However, the Selangor Government has already gazzetted that this area is a protected forest reserve. As mentioned in the comments by WWF, there are many points that are redundant and out dated in the EIA report submitted.

        I would think that the state government can object and protect this source of water like the Langat 2 raw water tunnel project.

        I believe the PR government can see that million years old forest will never be rebuilt once destroyed and mankind (our future generation) will pay the price for this. So do the right thing and fully reject this project and any other projects that will take away these forest that nature built over millions of years .

        Realign them away from these forest areas and improve on public transportation, the scale will balance out once there is “efficient and economical” public transportation available. Building more roads will never make our lives better as we are stressed out stuck in traffic. Sitting on a bus and enjoying a song , reading a book or a short nap would be a better life.

      • Mr George, thank you again for your comments. Both highway authority and public transport (SPAD) are both Federal agencies, which both also refuses to be friendly with the current State Government.

        On the matter of EKVE EIA feedback, I trust that you have put your written comments to the DOE Putrajaya within the stipulated time frame. If yes, we truly appreciated your support for the forest and mother nature.

        Again, if you have environmental programs that you think will benefit the people of Selangor, please feel free to submit an application for this grant.

        Let’s make it happen!

        Terima kasih.

  2. When is the deadline for submission?

    • Dear Deborah, this grant will run throughout the year 2012, or until the total grant funding depleted, whichever comes first. Thus we would strongly urge potential applicants to submit your paperwork soonest possible.
      Thank you.

  3. A friend of mine has put up some information on the KLORR here ( as an Issue Map.

  4. HI. We would like to ask, if a project is approved, when are the funds released to the NGO – for example, is the full amount of the grant released upon the approval of the project, is it a partial dispersal (if so, could we know the dispersal schedule), or is the grant only released upon completion of the project and submission of the final report? Thank you.

    • Dear TrEES,

      1. The best answer we can provide, from the limited information, to decide on case-by-case. Depending on the total grant approved and timeline of the program, an progress-payment may be applied.

      2. For more information, please contact the office at or submit your proposal and we’ll advise accordingly.

      Thank you


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