Recycled Seed Pots

Recycled Seed Pot

If you grow a lot, it can be expensive buying all the pots and containers to start them off. Look around the house and you may be surprised how many things you can reuse and recycle in the garden.

Plastic surgery

Plastic pots retain moisture consistently and are therefore ideal for sowing seeds. The following can all be used:

  • the bottom of plastic milk or juice cartons;
  • old yogurt or cottage cheese pots;
  • plastic microwave meal bowls;
  • takeaway plastic salad bowls; and
  • Styrofoam drinks cups.

Important steps

There are two extremely important steps you must take when reusing old plastic pots for seed sowing:

  • make sure the container is thoroughly clean; and
  • make sure you punch through drainage holes at the bottom.

Flat plastic food containers can also be kept as trays while clear plastic lids can be placed on top of the containers to act like recycled propagators, keeping seeds warm and moist during germination.

Paper chain

You can also recycle cardboard and newspaper for seed sowing:

  • egg boxes are ideal for home grown plug plants;
  • toilet roll tubes are particularly good for sweet peas needing room for long roots; and
  • newspaper can be recycled into mini pots using a Paper Potter seed pot maker.

The advantage of sowing seeds in recycled paper and cardboard is that the plants can be put straight into the ground without disturbing their roots. The paper or cardboard will naturally biodegrade.

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