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29 February, 2012

Felix Finkbeiner addresses United Nations

Felix Finkbeiner addresses United Nations with speech to open the International Year of Forests 2011

29 February, 2012

One more ‘No plastic day’

Selangor mulls extending environmental move to Sundays as well
WEDNESDAY, FEBRUARY 29, 2012 by Ram Anand


GREEN WAY TO GO: Liu (centre) with Pandamaran residents showing the eco-bags


KLANG: Two years after launching its “No plastic bag day” campaign, the Selangor government is considering extending it to Sundays as well.


This would mean customers, who now pay 20 sen for a plastic bag on Saturdays if they do not bring their own, would also have to pay for one on Sundays.

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29 February, 2012

Hari Organik – 24 Mac – CETDEM

CETDEM will be organising their next Hari Organik in SS2, Petaling Jaya on 24th March 2012 from 8.30am-2.00pm.

With the blessings of nature, we hope to take part in the events by bringing down fresh fruits and vegetable from the farm.

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28 February, 2012

Rio+20: an introduction for children and youth

Rio+20: an introduction for children and youth from Rio+twenties on Vimeo.

This video introduces children and youth to the world of Rio+20. Rio+20 is a Sustainable Development conference organised by the UN in June 2012. It is a 3 day event that will focus on two themes—the green economy and the institutional framework for sustainable development—and has only one objective—to have governments commit to sustainable development.

28 February, 2012

Zon Bersih di MBSA

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Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA) telah menjadi tuan rumah kepada majlis pelancaran program Zon Bersih, Pihak Berkuasa Tempatan Negeri Selangor. Majlis pelancaran telah disempurnakan oleh Y.B. Tuan Ronnie Liu Tian Khiew, Pengerusi Jawatankuasa Tetap Kerajaan Tempatan, Kajian dan Penyelidikan, Negeri Selangor bertempat di Taman Tasik Shah Alam. program Zon Bersih ini merupakan aktiviti untuk memupuk kesedaran dan budaya cintakan kebersihan melalui penglibatan komuniti serta menjadikan Shah Alam serta Negeri Selangor sebuah negeri yang paling bersih di Malaysia.

28 February, 2012

I Love KL: Kampung Radioaktif – BFM Radio

I Love KL on the 17th of December 2011, your connection to the people, places and events of the capital city. Independent filmmakers Yeo Joon Han (of Sell-Out! fame) and Liew Seng Tat (who made Flower In The Pocket) have joined forces to create a Survival Guide to Kampung Radioaktif. Sharaad speaks to them about the delicate balancing act of creating awareness through entertainment— without coming off as preachy.

Duration: 15m 12s   Filesize: 10.45 Mb

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28 February, 2012

Cinta Lai Kwan (Lai Kwan’s Love) (Malay subtitles)

Pada tahun 1982, Puan Lai Kwan bekerja di kilang nadir bumi Mitsubishi di Bukit Merah. Masa itu, beliau sedang mengandung. Filem ini menyaksikan sehari dalam kehidupan Puan Lai Kwan sejak kelahiran anaknya.

Lai Kwan’s Love (Chinese & English subtitles)

Madam Lai Kwan was pregnant in 1982 when she worked at the Mitsubishi rare earth refinery in Bukit Merah, Malaysia. This film is a peek into the life she has led since her child was born in 1983.


27 February, 2012

Human rights take on climate change – Martin Khor

 The UN Human Rights Council held a seminar last week to further clarify how climate change affects human rights. The link between the two issues is important to build a fair foundation for global action.

CLIMATE change is also a human rights issue, as indicated by the seminar organised by the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva last week.

Bangladesh’s Foreign Minister Dr Dipu Moni described the devas­tation caused by climate-linked disasters as a threat to its people’s rights to food, water, health and housing.

The Philippines is in an equally precarious situation. Its Commis­sioner for Climate Change Mary Lucille Sering spoke of how many storms and floods had killed many hundreds of people last year and the country has to spend or find US$8bil (RM24.1bil) to rebuild damaged areas and property.

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27 February, 2012

Himpunan Hijau 2.0 Nationwide success!

For those who couldn’t make it to Kuantan for Himpunan Hijau 2.0 gathered in solidarity at KL’s Maju Junction shopping mall in support.

Other cities that held anti-Lynas protests included Penang, Bukit Merah (Perak), Kucing and Kota Kinabalu.

Let us not forget, the “Asian Rare Earth (ARE) Plant” is still cleaning up its radioactive waste, after over 20 year from its plant shut down.  Residents stand in solidarity.

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27 February, 2012

Festive air at Lynas gathering

KUANTAN: The MPK4 field was a sea of light green as the massive anti-Lynas Himpunan Hijau 2.0 crowd converged peacefully, creating a festive ambience.

They mingled and chanted enthusiastically while waiting for the event to begin.

A group of cyclists taking part in the protest against the construction of the Lynas rare earth plant, in Gebeng, Pahang. Gatherings were also held in several other places, including Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh and Penang. — AZHAR MAHFOF / The Star

They held up banners and chanted slogans urging the Government to put a stop to the setting up of the Lynas Corp rare earth plant.

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