Dog owners must be more responsible

MALAYSIAN National Animal Welfare Foundation Canine Sportzclub’s guidelines for owners:dogThis signboard Section 6/14 warns the public that there is a penalty of RM2,000, one year’s jail, or both, for bringing pets to the park.

1. Owners should bring a  scoop and plastic bag along to clean up their pets’ waste and dispose of it appropriately.

2. Restrain dogs immediately when they become agitated, aggressive to others, dig holes or  damage public property.

3. Bring ample water, food and bowls for dogs. Feed them in shady area.

4. Dogs must be registered with the local authority and wear an identification tag.

5. Pet owners age 12 and below should be accompanied by adults.

6. Owners are discouraged from  bringing four-month-old puppies  to the park as they will create excitement, especially among female dogs.

7. Owners should  have their  dogs vaccinated before taking them out in public.

8. Owners should keep their dogs  on leash  near them.

9. Dogs visiting a park for the first time,  should be  muzzled to prevent  them from biting or barking at others.

10. It is advisable for owners to wear appropriate attire for better movement.

Read more: Dog owners must be more responsible – Central – New Straits Times


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