DEIA for the Proposed EKVE (KLORR)

Detailed EIA: Proposed East Klang Valley Expressway (Kuala Lumpur Outer Ring Road – Eastern Route) by EKVE Sdn Bhd

Download it here

  1. Detailed EIA Report Public Display Notification [pdf]
  2. Executive Summary [pdf]

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2 Comments to “DEIA for the Proposed EKVE (KLORR)”

  1. I propose that EKVE be re-routed so that no forest needs to be destroyed.

  2. Page ES-19:
    During operation the presence of cleared strip along the forest areas (e.g. forest
    reserves) will have an impact on wildlife movements, roaming habitat and migratory
    route especially on larger mammal species (tapir and tiger) and primate (e.g. Gibbon).
    The cleared forest strip directly reduces the habitat (resources) availability for wildlife
    species to maintain the viable population especially the larger species and open areas
    would invite poachers to come for hunting. The impact of barrier (the existence of
    cleared forest strip and structures) is expected to be permanent.

    There are mitigating actions suggested, but I’m not sure about it…

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