Proposal for solar-powered lights not taken up

Writer: Brenda Ch’ng Published: Fri, 30 Dec 2011
SUBANG JAYA: The municipality’s reluctance to even consider using cost-saving solar-powered lights at fields under its jurisdiction left councillors frustrated during the full board meeting.

Subang Jaya Municipal Councillor (MPSJ) Edward Ling submitted a proposal to install solar-powered lights at the PJS7 and PJS9 fields at a cost of RM6,000 on Oct 29.

“I’m really disappointed for not getting a response for the project.

“I’m also upset because the council rejected the project without firstly taking extra initiatives to study and see how the project can work,” said Ling during the meeting.

The proposed pilot project was meant to save energy and cut electricity costs for the council.

“I’ve done my research and am confident that this project will work out fine without any problems,” said Ling.

The councillor had wanted MPSJ to try out the initiative in the two fields before implementing the measure in other parts of the municipality in stages if the pilot project was successful.

Echoing Ling’s sentiments was fellow councillor K Arumugam, who urged the council implement the move as a trial project.

“I fully support this project and I hope the council will consider trying it out at a few areas to see if it’s feasible,” he said.

However, the council refused to undertake this project as it did not fulfill criteria in MPSJ’s project guideline.

“There aren’t any solar powered lights with proper recognition from Sirim (Standard and Industrial Research Institute of Malaysia), and we don’t have certified contractors to install the green technology,” said MPSJ’s engineering department spokesperson.

He explained that green technology products have to be approved by Sirim and then installed by contractors approved by the Contractor Service Centre (PKK).

“It takes a while to study the installation as green technology entails many components that are different from the normal installations,” he said.

Also, MPSJ is worried that without certification from Sirim, the product might be unreliable and break down.

However, the explanation is not sitting well with councillors, who think that MPSJ should get the certification and hire the suitable contractors.

“Suitable contractors can be hired and instead of waiting for Sirim, we can use products which already have international recognition,” said Ling.

He pointed out that there are many reliable solar-powered lights with international recognition sold at affordable prices.

“Many technology companies are claiming that their products are internationally recognised, but what happens when the product malfunctions and we get blamed by residents?” asked MPSJ president Datuk Asmawi Kasbi.

He said the council is open to green initiatives, but they will only do it if all criteria are met to ensure nothing does wrong during and after installation.

According to him, this proposal was discussed in the council’s previous infrastructure meeting and will be further studied for future plans.

The council is also waiting on green energy-efficient guidelines from the Department of Town and Country Planning Peninsular Malaysia.

“When the guidelines come in, we can use it to bring in more solar technology and save energy,” said Asmawi.

Article Source Selangor Times


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