Green homeowners rewarded

Writer: Brenda Ch’ng Published: Fri, 30 Dec 2011

PETALING JAYA: Forty-nine “green” homeowners here were awarded with tax rebates by the council recently for incorporating energy-efficient and environmentally friendly practices in their homes.

Residents were awarded up to RM500 rebate in their annual assessment by Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) mayor Datuk Roslan Sakiman for practising a green lifestyle.

“I”m glad to get a rebate of RM500. I pay RM600 every year, and this year I only have to pay a small sum,” said resident Liu Paye Wah.

The 56-year-old said she has been actively following a green lifestyle for three years now, and aims to continue her efforts in the coming years.

Her house in Damansara Jaya is equipped with a solar heater, compost equipment, and many plants in her backyard.

“I love recycling and making organic enzymes to fertilise my plants,” she said.

The rebate scheme is part of MBPJ’s move to promote eco-friendly houses in Petaling Jaya.

All residents have to do is register with MBPJ to be part of this scheme, and the council’s Green Building team will assess if the houses are qualified for the rebate.

Points will be awarded to them based on the number of environmentally friendly methods they practise.

For example, if homeowners have solar panels installed, a certain number of points will be awarded.

If they have a rainwater harvesting system as well, more points will be added.

The total number of points will determine the amount of tax rebate received by each participant.

Meanwhile, the council also launched their new green initiatives – three months’ free parking for hybrid-car owners, and online tax payment scheme.

“We want to encourage the public to go green by using our online tax payment site instead of receiving bills every year,” said Lee Lih Shyan, who is in charge of the scheme.

He said lots of paper will be saved through online transactions every year.

The public is urged to fill in the form, available online and at MBPJ, to stop tax bills from being sent to their homes.

Also, owners of hybrid cars purchased in Petaling Jaya between Oct 28 this year until the end of next year are encouraged to apply for the three-month free parking pass.

“This scheme is not limited to residents only. It’s open to anyone who purchased the vehicle from any car dealer in MBPJ,” said Lee.

Both schemes were launched by Roslan on Dec 21.

Article Source  Selangor Times

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