Greening Your School : Transport

Green schools encourage students, parents and teachers to leave their cars at home.

Quick wins

  • Enjoy Walk Safely to School Day. Each year, the Walk Safely to School Day encourages parents and carers to walk to school with primary school aged children to reinforce safe pedestrian behaviour.
  • Start a walking bus program. Establish a group that walks to school along the same route each day with an adult ‘driver’ out front and a ‘conductor’ at the back. Pick up regular passengers on your way and save on CO2 by taking cars off the road.
  • Get cycling! Cycling to school is not just great exercise, it can help students to feel relaxed and build social connections. What’s more, by cycling to school, students alleviate traffic congestion and reduce pollution.

Medium-level projects

  • Encourage efficient cars. Reward parents with smaller cars by providing a dedicated number of car spaces for small vehicles.

Major investments

  • Upgrade your cycling facilities. Encourage cycling at your school by providing bicycle, shower and locker facilities. As a general rule of thumb, 1-2 secure bicycle storage spaces should be available for every five students over grade 4. For universities and colleges, 5-10% of the peak number of students should be provided with a secure bicycle storage space.

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