Let’s ride a bicycle in KKB on Boxing Day

The event takes you to the historical sites & places with heritage value that we have earmarked to let you experience the splendour of that destination on bicycles! An initiative effort by the state government of Selangor under the Tourism & Environment portfolio of YB Elizabeth Wong in collaboration with the Hulu Selangor Town Council (Majlis Daerah Hulu Selangor or MDHS), we are welcoming cyclists & cycling enthusiasts to a non-competitive & non-racing environment of sheer fun & enjoyment as you seek out the heritage trail with a map & learn the history of KKB’s many sites on wheels.
Date: 26th Dec 2011
Time: 8am – 12pm
Venue: Kuala Kubu Baru Town

Recognising the need to reduce our carbon footprint, we have designated two segments of the program for that day, one being the main trail in town, the other being the adventure trail to see the historical broken dam of Ampang Pecah, the Masjid that wasn’t flooded by the broken dam & the Chinese & Indian temples located just outside of KKB town. Join us for a day of leisure & adventure!Ladies, please come dressed in your most fashionable attire! Riding is not just about racing but about looking good on your bike! Yes, you can accessorise your bike with gadgets & bags too!Gentlemen, please come in your trendiest outfit! Anything but racing outfit! The photo opportunity should depict you all in cool attire rather than in competition vests.

Bring your own bicycle & helmet. You may bring your cameras to take pictures too. Also a bag to store goodies that you might buy along the way. There is a famous Butter Sponge Cake shop with Kaya Puffs too if you want to munch along the way. The route promises to be exciting. At each point of interest (checkpoint), you will need to get a sticker from the marshal to stick on your tag. Collect all 12 stickers before you come back to the starting point for lunch!

Thank you for your participation towards building a community with a healthier lifestyle! The registration can be done online via this link:- http://bit.ly/rXx7XL and we would appreciate your confirmed participation. This event is to encourage the locals & residents of KKB to ride & the visitors of KKB to appreciate the heritage status of the town. We hope to meet you in person soon!

Folding Bike Trading is the official supporting bicycle shop for the event & Lafuma is the sponsor of discount vouchers for the goodie bags. There is a 300 participants limit. Please register early to avoid disappointment. Registration fee is only RM10.00 to cover administration cost. Lunch & refreshments are provided. 
More details at FB Event page

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