Shah Alam River & Trees for Life 2011 – Tree Planting 18 Dec – Sek 7, Shah Alam

Shah Alam river & trees for Life 2011, tree planting event on 18th Dec 2011, at Tasik Sek.7, Shah Alam.

Dear Green lovers,


First, please allow us to thank all the volunteers and supporters who took part in the tree planting event at Dusun @ Jelutong U8, Shah Alam on 20th Nov 2011. You all did an excellent job in planting 1,500 fruit trees of various species. We will let you know the date to revisit this site to carry out a post-planting maintenance exercise, perhaps beginning new year.

Once again we are pleased to inform you that there will be one last planting session for this year scheduled for the 18th Dec at Dusun Tasik Sek.7, Shah Alam from 8 to 11.30am. Our target is to plant 5,000 trees on this date. So, please come in full force to make this event a success. Location map of the planting site and few photos on the landmarks are attached for your easy reference.

Will appreciate your response by the 15th Dec (if possible including the name list of participants). We regret very much for this eleventh hour announcement.

Best regards.


for the Organising committee
Shah Alam river & trees for Life 2011
012 2524516


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