Mayor leads campaign to plant 1,500 fruit trees


Story and photo by CHRISTINA LOW

All together: Volunteers cleaning the drains near their allocated plots after planting the trees.

ANOTHER 1,500 fruit tress were planted in Shah Alam yesterday under the Rivers and Trees for Life project launched this year.

The year-long project, spearheaded by the Shah Alam City Council (MBSA), was carried out with help of several non-governmental organisations and companies in the area.

Shah Alam mayor Datuk Mohd Jaafar Mohd Atan, who launched the eighth River and Trees for Life programme for the year in Section U2 near SK TTDI Jaya, said they had targeted to plant about 50,000 trees this year and was slowly moving closer to achieving it.

Mohd Jaafar said they chose to focus on fruit trees.

“Rain trees will leave us with too much shade which is why we chose fruit trees as an alternative,

“The city does not only need people like us to live in it but it must be a place for birds and squirrels, too,” he said.

Mohd Jaafar also told the 214 volunteers that on his recent visit to Australia a flock of birds caught his attention during a game of golf.

“The birds were flying around the trees in the course that I could not even concentrate on the game.

“Later I found out that they came because of the fruit trees planted on the course,” he said.

For the programme, the council relied on volunteers to plant trees like mangosteen, guava, tampoi, kundang, nam-nam and soursop.

Mohd Jaafar also said the council was committed in making the city a green paradise filled with parks and gardens for the community and future generations.

Those who were present at the event yesterday were Yayasan Salam Malaysia, students from Masterskill, Universiti Malaya, Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, Universiti Teknologi Mara, International School of Kuala Lumpur, Fugee School, Sunway College, SMK Section 19 and the Eco Warriors Malaysia group headed by Matthias Gelber.

“Anyone can just pick the fruits in the future,” said Gelber.

The environmentalist also urged the volunteers to carry out eco-friendly activities such as buying eco-friendly products, reducing electricity usage and coming up with green ideas of their own.

“If we do not change our way of living, we will be the ones suffering the most. That is why we must think of going green for our children and the future,” he added.

The final programme for the year will be held next month at the lake in Section 7, Shah Alam.

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