Getting Malaysians to Value Water by MNS

Talk: Getting Malaysians to Value Water at MNS HQ, heated discussion happening on water demand management WDM as solution to our water issue

19 Nov 2011

Time : 2pm
Venue: MNS HQ Auditorium

The talk aims to deliver the message that if we are to care about Mother Nature, we have to start by caring about life’s most essential substance – water. Information will be presented to show why water conservation is essential even in a country blessed with abundant rainfall. The speaker, James T Cherian, will also provide an update of a three-year effort to advance water demand management with current and potential decision-makers. The session also aims to explore with the audience how the challenges of transforming Malaysia into a society that values water can be better met.

James began advocating for water demand management (WDM) to promote water conservation and to stop the Kelau Dam. He thus initiated, as lead author, a multi-stakeholder proposal for WDM to the Selangor government and to the national water authority, SPAN. He also speaks at diverse forums, submits policy directed briefs, gives media interviews and writes numerous letters to the editor.

• Nov 2008: MNS Selangor sent brief report and letter to Exco Elizabeth Wong to request implementation of WDM (EW’s office requested a more comprehensive proposal.)
• Jan to June 2009: Assembled multi-stakeholder group to provide inputs for WDM proposal
• March 2009: Co-drafted MNS position paper on Kelau Dam and inter-state raw water transfer project
• June 2009: MNS submitted WDM proposal to Elizabeth Wong
• Feb 2009: Set up (with Lim Teck Wyn) Water Initiative Network on Facebook
• Nov 2009: Drafted letter to the editor on behalf of MNS President, calling for WDM
• May 2010: Drafted private member’s WDM bill for Edward Lee (ADUN)
• Oct 2010: Gave feature interview to NST on WDM
• March 2011 Presented paper at Asia Pacific Regional Water Conference
• Sep 2011: Submitted section on WDM for Pakatan’s alternative federal budget
• Sep 2011: Wrote WDM policy paper that will be submitted to a state government


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