Residents object to development of a 1.9ha land along Jalan 16/11

By Aida Ahmad

Cause of dispute: A proposal has been submitted to develop this piece of land at Section 16, PJ.
Residents and landowners in Jalan 16/9, Petaling Jaya, have submitted their objections to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) against an application for development of a piece of land in Jalan 16/11.

They have also attended the public objection hearing at MBPJ headquarters on Nov 11.

The development comprises 23-storey and 24-storey office blocks, a 22-storey serviced apartments, a 32-storey Soho block, a block of commercial lots as well as six floors of basement parking and four floors of above ground parking.

Among the objections were erroneous land title particulars, layout plan not in accordance with Section 21B of the Town and Country Planning Act 1976 (TCPA) as well as violation of various guidelines.

The lawyer representing the residents, L.S. Leonard, said the applicant must submit in their Development Proposal Report and the correct titles for the proposed site.

“The Development Proposal Report and the layout plan is far from adequate in meeting the numerous requirements of the TCPA and the planning guidelines, as it does not contain sufficient particulars of the proposed development and its impact on the neighbouring lots.

“The details of plot ratio, percentage of landscape, allocation of open spaces and width of inner roads are wrong and unreliable as the report and the layout plan assumes that the development site is 2ha where in fact it is 1.9ha,” said Leonard.

He said the Geotechnical Report also lacked details such as a underground water study, stability analysis, report on reinforced structures, excavation work, construction control, topography map and slope classification.

“A detailed study on groundwater level and slope stability, for example, must be commissioned and analysed before the proposed development can even be considered by MBPJ.

“What is even more alarming is that the geotechnical report does not adequately provide measures for the stabilisation of neighbouring lots,” he said.

Leonard said the proposed development was not harmonious with the bungalows at the southern and eastern boundary.

“The construction of the buildings adversely affects the topography and the skyline of the southern and eastern boundary of the proposed development site,” he said,

He added that MBPJ could not approve the planning permission as the report submitted failed to address or was silent about measures taken to meet these stringent planning guidelines.

The proposed development’s deputy project manager Stanley Chee said they would have to discuss the issues with their consultant before proceeding further.

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