1,111 trees to mark the day – MPSJ

A TOTAL OF 1,111 trees will be planted at the USJ urban forest park today to mark the special day.

Over 200 volunteers who are members of the USJ Rotary Club and residents in the area will roll up their sleeves and plant an assortment of trees at the urban forest park located between the Tenaga Nasional Bhd power lines and USJ 3C along Persiaran Setia. Spanning approximately 2ha, the urban forest, which comes under the purview of Subang Jaya Municipal councillor Rajiv Rishyarakan, sits on the last remaining plot of non-private land in USJ.

“The council and Zone 3 Residents Committee shared the same vision of having an urban forest and we moved forward with plans to develop it.

“Besides being a good day with nice numbers, (111111) it is also an opportune time to embark on this environmental effort,” he said.

The trees that will be planted at the USJ Forest Park are 100 kasai trees, 200  merawan siput jantan, chengal, meranti, meranti tembaga, keruing kertas and  pelong trees each, 100 merawan meranti and 11 kelumpang jari.

Read more: http://www.nst.com.my/streets/central/1-111-trees-to-mark-the-day-1.3915


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