World Habitat Day Focuses on Cities and Climate Change

3 October 2011: The 2011 edition of World Habitat Day has organized around the theme “Cities and Climate Change,” emphasizing that climate change is a critical development challenge of the 21st century, and highlighting the role of cities in climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In his statement to mark the Day, UN-HABITAT Executive Director Joan Clos highlighted that scientists estimate that, by 2050, there could be 200 million environmental refugees worldwide, forced from their homes by rising sea levels and increased flooding or drought. He stressed that better urban planning, building codes, and protection for the poor against disaster and reduction of ecological footprints will be required to prevent climate disasters. He also underscored the potential of urbanization to deliver on mitigation and adaptation strategies to address climate change, noting that many towns and cities, particularly in developing countries, are still struggling to access international financing for climate change.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon also marked the Day, noting that 60 million people already live within one meter of sea level and that this number will rise to 130 million by the end of the century. He underlined that cities are “part of the problem,” as major sources of emissions that contribute to climate change, and “part of the solution” as they can harness green technologies.

During a World Habitat Day Ceremony held in Aguascalientes, Mexico, UN-HABITAT announced the winners of the 2011 Habitat Scroll of Honour Awards, including a Cuban Centre developing eco-friendly building materials using low energy and local inputs; the Yakutsk City Administration in Russia for implementing a new cold climate development plan; and the Austin Energy Green Building in the US for leading the way in sustainable building practices. In addition, the following were recognized as good practices under the Scroll of Honour Award: a project promoting cycling network in Mexico City; and the Chiang Rai municipality in Thailand for its holistic approach know as urban-biodiversity to promote sustainable city and climate resilience.

The Ceremony also featured presentations and discussions with experts on the “Global Report on Human Settlements 2011: Cities and Climate Change,” which was released in March 2011. The UN has designated the first Monday of October every year as World Habitat Day.

[UN Secretary-General Message][UN HABITAT Executive Director Statement] [2011 Scroll of Honour Award Winners] [World Habitat Day 2011 Website] [Climate Change Policy & Practice Story on the Release of the Global Report on Human Settlements 2011]

Cities and Climate Change: Global Report on Human Settlements 2011 
Global Report on Human Settlements (Series title)

Cities and Climate Change reviews the linkages between urbanization and climate change, two of the greatest challenges currently facing humanity in the 21st Century, and whose effects are converging in dangerous ways. It illustrates the significant contribution of urban areas to climate change while at the same time highlighting the potentially devastating effects of climate change on urban populations. It reviews policy responses, strategies and practices that are emerging in urban areas to mitigate and adapt to climate change, as well as their potential achievements and constraints. In conclusion, the report argues that urban areas have a pivotal role in both climate change mitigation and adaptation and identifies strategies and approaches for strengthening this role.
DOWNLOAD:  (3,118 Kb)
ISBN Series Number: 978-92-1-131929-3
ISBN: 978-92-1-132296-5
HS Number: 001/11E, 003/11E
Series Title: Global Report on Human Settlements
Pages: 250
Year: 2011
Publisher: UN-HABITAT
Co-Publisher : – Not available –
Languages: English
Themes: Cities and Climate Change Initiative ,Environment and Climate ChangeInformation and Monitoring
Branch/Office: Policy Analysis


Urban World: Climate Change: Are cities really to blame?
Climate change is fast becoming the preeminent development challenge of the 21st century,and this is why we have made it the theme for the cover story of this second issue of our new flagship magazine,Urban World.
DOWNLOAD:  (5,436 Kb)
Periodicity: Quarterly
Publication Date: 09 Dec 2011
ISBN: – Not available –
ISSN: – Not available –
Pages: 92
Year: 2009
YEAR: 2009
Languages: русскийالعربية中国, English
Themes: General
Branch/Office: Information Services
World Habitat Day 2011 – Cities and Climate Change
The Global Observance of World Habitat Day this year will be held in Aguascalientes, Mexico under the theme of Cities and Climate Change.
DOWNLOAD:  (1,476 Kb)
Languages: English
Themes: Environment and Climate Change
Branch/Office: Information Services

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