Residents unhappy with plans to convert green space for commercial use


Stay out: Notices from both the MBPJ and the owner can be seen at the plot of land that has been fenced up.

FOUR years ago residents living in Jalan SS1/41, Petaling Jaya, were haunted by the news of plans to build a three-storey private hospital on a plot of land behind their houses.

They voiced their fears and frustrations over the project and since then there was no news of the development on the 2,973 sq metre site.

However, the land opposite the SRK Kampung Tunku in Jalan Baiduri where the students usually wait for their parents to pick them up after school was fenced up recently.

Unhappy: Abdul Rahman and Rajen giving their views at a residents meeting recently.

Resident Datuk Dr Rajen M said the plot, which was previously owned by the Malaysian Government Officers Co-operative Society, was about 500m from a cemetery, a crematorium and a funeral parlour.

According to the residents, they found out that the land was recently sold to a private company.

On Sept 13, the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) sent letters to the residents seeking their views to convert the land from “open space” to commercial.

The letters were sent to residents after the landowner requested the council for the conversion of land.

The residents were given 21 days to give their views to the council.

Another resident Abdul Rahman Akil said he wanted to know how an open space could be converted for other use when the local authority had gazetted the site as a green lung in the local plan.

He said there were hardly any open spaces the size of a football field in Kampung Tunku.

“This is one of the few small plots of green space left in the neighbourhood,” he added.

Rajen said although the residents were unsure of what development would take place, they were certain that the traffic situation would worsen.

“This road is the only access for those living here to the Federal Highway as well as to neighbouring hospitals like Universiti Hospital, Sime Darby Medical Centre and the Assunta Hospital,” he said, adding that the noise from the construction work would affect students in the primary school, too.

Kampung Tunku assemblyman Lau Weng San said he was aware of the issue after being notified in a recent council meeting, however, was unsure of the status of the land.

“In 2008, when I took office, the cooperative society showed me a copy of the land title, which was stated as commercial land.

“Now I am informed that the land is an open space and has yet to be converted,” said Lau, who intends to check with the council on the matter.

He said if the land had yet to be converted to commercial, he would have to put a stop to the proposed development.

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