RSYC Cleaner Marina Day

Right now we are in the process of organizing our first major initiative which is the “RSYC Cleaner Marina Day”. This will be a fun-filled day with a huge message that we all must take responsibility for Our Place….and……Our Plant. We are actively and successfully recruiting sponsors and after only a few days already have formed a partnership for the “RSYC Cleaner Marina” project with The Royal Selangor Yacht Club and the Rotary Club of Bandar Bukit Tinggi, and we have the full support of M.P.Klang, the local council who will be providing substantial logistical support in the pick-up, sorting and recycling of the enormous amount of flotsam and jetsam we will collect from the Klang River on our special “RSYC Cleaner Marina Day” scheduled for October 15 2011. 
We plan to actively involve the professional fishing community of Port Klang to take volunteers into their boats to pick up the rubbish floating along the river.Together with our partners, the Royal Selangor Yacht Club (RSYC) and the Rotary Club of Bandar Bukit Tinggi, our Media partner The Expat Group (TEG), our confirmed sponsors Mercedes-Benz-Malaysia, Neways Worldwide and Simpson Marine and other private and business sponsors, we plan to:• Clean up the waterways around the RSYC with participating volunteers • Create strong awareness of the need to prevent the pollution and degradation of our waterways by initiating education campaigns promoting responsibility for caring for the environment at all levels of the community, focusing on water resources in particular.
Itinerary for the “RSYC Cleaner Marina Day’, Saturday 15 October 2011 :
7.30 am     –  Registration of participants
8.30 am     –  Welcome and instruction
9.00 am     –  Boarding the boats and start of the clean up campaign
12.00 pm   – Clean up campaign finishes
12.30 pm   – Celebration, hand out certificates and goody bags
1.00 pm     –  Mingle with food and drinks
3.00 pm     –  Finish

Interested in participating ? Sign-up here .

Caroline and Uma talk to representatives from the “Cleaner Marina Project” about their initiatives to clean up the Malaysian waters.


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