Shah Alam river by Trees for Life 2011

Tree planting on 25th Sep at Sg Renggam, Section 15, Shah Alam.

Dear Green lovers,

Trees Are Pretty

They come in all variety of shapes and sizes, and they look so interesting throughout the year.  They are fully dressed in leaves of green by blossoming and putting on perfume, and looking especially gorgeous.  Unlike human beings, trees enjoy getting old because they become even more magnificent and beautiful and valuable year after year after year.

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Trees produce fruit like apples, oranges, rambutans, chikus, lemons, papaya, guava, mangosteen, jambu, jackfruit, cempedak, durian, durian blanda, buah nona, mango, mata kuching, duku, langsat, delima to name a few.  They also produce nuts that we love to eat such as almonds, cashews, coconuts, walnuts, pecan and many others. Trees and forests provide homes for many different species of animals like squirrels and birds.

Trees breathe in carbon dioxide, and produce oxygen.  People breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. .  A healthy tree, say a 32 ft tall ash tree, can produce about 260 lb of oxygen annually – two trees supply the oxygen needs of a person for a year!  They help reduce pollution by capturing particulates like dust and pollen with their leaves. A mature tree absorbs from 120 to 240 lbs of the small particles and gases of air pollution.  They help combat the effects of “greenhouse” gases, the increased carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels that is causing our atmosphere to “heat up”.

Trees help cool down the overall city environment by shading asphalt, concrete and metal surfaces.  Buildings and paving in city centers create a heat-island effect.  A mature tree canopy reduces air temperatures by about 5-10_ F. influencing the internal temperatures of nearby buildings. They help moderate temperatures by working as natural barriers to wind, rain, and solar rays.  Through evapotranspiration, trees add moisture and cool the air.

Planting is an act of putting down roots and contributing to the future. The simple act of planting a tree, helps the environment in so many ways. Without trees, there would be no life on this planet.

MBSA Datuk Bandar & The Organising Committee wish to thank all of you for joining us today to plant trees at Sg Renggam, Section 15, Shah Alam and for making this event a great success. We look forward for your continued support.

Best regards.


News report on Sinar Harian


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