Rawang residents do their part for green campaign

By STUART MICHAEL metro@thestar.com.my

RECYCLABLE items such as plastic bottles, plastic chairs, newspapers, books, clothes and other unwanted items are being collected for the ongoing Clean and Green campaign in Rawang.

Instead of doing their weekend marketing, many residents turned up at the Bandar Country Homes market recently to drop off items at a booth set up for the campaign.

The month-long campaign, that was mooted by Triumphant Christian Centre and Selayang Municipal Council Zone 17 councillor Gunarajah R. George, has received good response from the public and residents in the area.

The campaign was carried out with the help of the JKP Zone 17 Residents’ Committee, Selayang Municipal Council (MPS), Bandar Country Homes residents and business owners.

All together now: Gunarajah (left) with committee members showing the amount of recyclable items collected during the campaign.

The committee members and some 300 volunteers will be promoting eco-friendly concepts, cleaning the area, planting trees and even recycling.

Gunarajah said the campaign was aimed at creating greater awareness and responsibility in the community and encourage them to safeguard the environment.

“The campaign is also aimed at sprucing up and beautifying the township.

“Our aim is to get 7,000 residents here to join the campaign and be more environmentally conscious,’’ said Gunarajah.

During the campaign, there will be talks organised at schools and places of worship.

He said the MPS would also check on unoccupied flat units that are littered with rubbish. These units have become breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes.

The campaign ends on Sunday with a host of activities for the community.

Article from http://thestar.com.my/metro/story.asp?file=/2011/9/23/central/9504118&sec=central


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