Catapulting Kanching into the limelight

A GROUP of us (some of my guests were from overseas) made a trip to Kanching Waterfall after learning about its beauty from friends and the Web.

At the entrance, I noticed a stall selling catapults. I was surprised and wondered why these were being sold.

We trekked up the hill and paused at a rest shed. Suddenly from out of nowhere this guy who was with his family pulled out a catapult and started aiming at a monkey that was carrying a baby. Thank God he did not hit the monkey.

I shouted at him to stop what he was doing. The guy just walked away without showing any remorse, but before he did I gave him a piece of my mind.

Not only was I embarassed, but was also horrified that my guests witnessed this cruel act. Do I blame the guy? No. Why? Because we Malaysians who are supposed to be protecting our nature and wildlife are encouraging people to be cruel.

This not the way to promote the wonders of Malaysia – encouraging cruelty towards wildlife.

The irresponsible stall operator should not only be penalised but also replaced by another who is more compassionate towards nature and wildlife.

Subang Jaya.

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