Energy-efficient products offer long-term financial benefits

Stories by JADE CHAN

CONSUMERS of the 21st century now live in an age where we are constantly wired and heavily reliant on all sorts of devices to make their lifestyle comfortable.

An average household would be equipped with a refrigerator, washing machine, television set, air-conditioner, and other electric and electronic devices.

Many of these appliances consume a high amount of energy.

Of late, there have also been concerns about high electricity bills and an increase in tariff.

There are many ways consumers can save electricity.

Among them are: replacing incandescent bulbs with CFL bulbs (spiral fluorescent bulbs) and halogen spotlights with LED ones, turning off devices like television sets and not leaving them in standby mode and hanging clothes out to dry rather than using an electric tumble dryer.

Consumers who want to take a step further by buying energy-efficient home appliances like refrigerators, air-conditioners and television sets can look out for the five-star rating sticker issued by the Energy Commission.

These products have already undergone performance testing and are complaint with the Product Listing Certification issued by Sirim QAS International Sdn Bhd for quality guarantee.

Besides consuming less energy, these energy-efficient products offer long-term finanical and environmental benefits.

Centre for Environment, Technology and Development Malaysia (Cetdem) executive director Anthony Tan said energy-efficient products might cost more than conventional ones but the savings in electricity bill would be more in the long run.

“This means that the longer one uses an energy-efficient product, the more one will save,” he said.

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