Land-clearing upsets residents

By TAN KARR WEI | Aug 30, 2011


High risk: Residents are worried that the land clearing on top of a slope will cause erosion and affect the houses at the bottom of the hill.

Residents of Bandar Sri Damansara in Petaling Jaya are concerned over the clearing of a plot of land reserved for a school.

Its residents’ association chairman, Ravindran Raman Kutty, said trees on the land at the junction of Persiaran Perdana and Jalan Saga had been cleared and planted with sugar cane and banana trees.

“There were tractors in the area and a group of people just started cutting down the trees. We have not seen any sign to say if there is a development taking place.

“The land is quite steep and we’re worried that the slope will become unstable during heavy rain.

“There is also the possibility that the tree trunks on top of the hill will roll down the slope and damage the houses,” he said.

He said they had written letters to the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) and the Education Ministry but have not received a reply so far.

Ravindran said utility cables had been cut and were sticking out in the area which could pose a hazard to the public.

“We’re not sure what these cables are,” he said.

MBPJ councillor in charge of the area Chan Chee Kong said the council was aware of the land being cleared in Jalan Saga and had instructed the council to stop the activity.

“I have also asked them to clear the banana trees and seal the illegal entry,” said Chan.

Ravindran said another piece of land at the junction of Persiaran Perdana and Persiaran Margosa was also being cleared by an individual to plant fruit trees.

“The resident is also burning the trees on the slope to clear the land and we are concerned that the slope will become unstable.

“We’ve written a letter to the resident to stop clearing the land but he is ignoring us. We will bring the matter up to the council,” said Ravindran.

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