Hulu Kelang food court owners rewarded for keeping stalls clean


Campaign winners: (From left) Lee, Abd Hamid, Saari, Mohd Faizool and his daughter Norfazliana Mohd Faizool.

WINNERS of the Hulu Kelang Clean Restaurant campaign all share one common trait, and that is having a fixed schedule for cleaning tasks on their premises.

Mohd Faizool Mamat, 37, who runs a chicken rice stall at the Taman Desa Keramat food court, said that he thoroughly cleans his stall and surrounding area once a week.

We found that after we cleaned a certain area, it becomes dirty again and this is due to indiscriminate dumping by members of the public. We need more civic-minded activities to remedy this. - SAARI SUNGIB

“Every Saturday, I will make sure my stall and the area is cleaned properly. It is a must-do ever since I started my business about three years ago,” he said.

The first prize winner of the static stall category added that those who ran food and beverage businesses should make an effort to do a thorough cleaning every now and then as hygiene was important in the business.

It was a double celebration for Mohd Faizool as his wife’s stall, that is also situated in the same food court, won second place in the same category.

In the restaurant category, the Taman Permata Old Town White Coffee outlet took first place and its assistant manager Lee Yoke Ching was on hand to receive the prize.

“Eating in a clean outlet increases the customer’s comfort. It is only natural that people want to eat food that is clean as well,” Lee said.

They follow a standard set of operating procedures that is practised in all other outlets and this includes everyday cleaning chores such as washing windows and sweeping the floor.

The winners received their prizes at the closing ceremony for the Hulu Klang Cleanliness Campaign that was recently concluded after three months of activities, including gotong-royong, pamphlet distribution and talks.

It was noted during the event that the main causes of a dirty public area were people’s attitude and lack of enforcement.

Hulu Kelang assemblyman Saari Sungib said that people who dumped rubbish everywhere without a thought are called “kutu sampah” (rubbish fleas).

“We found that after we cleaned a certain area, it becomes dirty again and this is due to indiscriminate dumping by members of the public.

“We need more civic-minded activities to remedy this,” Saari said.

He said that although this current campaign had come to a close, continuous awareness programmes and brochure handouts would continue.

He added that the fight for cleanliness was a long term one but with increased awareness, the kutu sampah would become isolated thus making it easy to carry out enforcement.

Ampang Jaya Municipal Council deputy president Abd Hamid Hussain said the council spent millions of ringgit every year for cleaning activities.

“The public needs to change their attitude and lifestyle for us to have a cleaner environment instead of one filled with rubbish everywhere,” he said.

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