S’gor air quality affected by Sumatra hotspots

Hotspots in Sumatera


SHAH ALAM: The air quality in Selangor has been affected by some 250 hotspots in Sumatra, Indonesia.

State executive councillor Elizabeth Wong said the authorities would take strict action against culprits involved in open burning as it would worsen the air pollution in the state.

She said hazy skies might remain for a while due to the hot weather, with the Meteorological Department issuing a warning that there was a high probability of a fire starting.

Wong said the authorities have issued 28 compounds and charged 13 parties in court this year, with another 11 cases to be charged soon.

“Our main concern is peat soil, because peat fires are hard to extinguish. There is no water source nearby, such as rivers, ponds or hydrants,” she told reporters Wednesday.

She added that in fire-prone Johan Setia, Klang, a check dam had been set up to expedite the process of extinguishing fires.

“A team from the Klang Municipal Council works until midnight everyday to monitor for fires, and of course we have help from the Department of Environment and the Fire and Rescue Department too,” she said.


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